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From Nothing to Something | Transition After Meditation

Benefits of Meditation for a better life

why meditation is necessary?

mediation is the best measure prescribed for over many years by our ancestors and doctors to cure mental illness.

By illness i don’t mean a disease, I mean disorder. we live in a community that means we deal with people everyday  we are subjected to lot of pressure.Meditation is very useful to relieve yourselves from pressure. what i have seen from statistics is that  21 people think of committing suicide every minute in India out of which 3 of them actually do.Most of the above stated people are students who have high dreams and low grades, by dreams i do not mean their’s; the goals they are subjected to achieve by their parents or by the system. meditation is very useful in such cases it helps one to understand himself.It gives him a change of pace and time to muster up the courage and deal with the ordeals placed upon him.

And the rest of the people are the broken ones, people who lost someone or something which means everything to them.”Some thing always happens as long as we live”  I didn’t say this, it is said by a famous poet i don’t remember who .when one realizes this he can live.this realization can be achieved through meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

what is meditation? and how do you do it?

meditation is a mental exercise in which you only focus on your breath which helps to calm yourself. it provides a mental nourishment.

Select a peaceful place to sit, close your eyes, inhale(breath in) and exhale(breath out).Don’t try to fight, give up.if you are trying to fight then it only means that you are still worrying about. you should realize that you can’t beat a river into submission you can only control the flow. This is the best way that I prescribe to meditate. But there are several ways of doing it.One can meditate in various positions.The easiest way of meditating is to join a religious cult and pray god it gives peace but this is not my recommendation.It depends on your ideals of what you choose.

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what are the advantages?

you can muster up the courage to deal with several obstacles in life. one can achieve unparalleled mental strength. purity in soul, compassion towards can find a better way of living thus make the world a better place.if everybody follows this thing there won’t be bickering or obstinacy no conflicts.

There will be a smooth flow blood circulation this helps the growth of anti oxidizing agent which in turn improve your immunity towards foreign diseases.Whitening of hair and hair fall are due to immense pressure and tension this can be avoided through meditation and guess what you can be young good looking and healthy according to this hypothesis.

our ancestors, many saints have done this before to live a peaceful life, (to receive a wish from god they say) I don’t believe the thing stated in the parenthesis but belief is up to one’s self

This is not a big deal. Anyone can do things but they have to know what this actually is? thanks for reading the article. 

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