“No more Religion Feeling in India”

no cast fealings

A scene showing no Religious Feelings have been repeated again in India.The proof showing that India is a place of Love and Friendship.This Incident clearly states that most of Indians believe that Religion as a spaced column in certificate to be filled.




A 15 members group of Hindu people who were travelling in a Bus were arrested by Police as they don’t have a ticket with them for travelling in Bus.This made those 15 members get arrested and sit in District police station.They were being asked to pay a fine of 1000 rupees.As Hindu’s Group have no immediate money with them at that spot they showed empty hands lead them get arrested in this tuesday.

This incident came to notice of  the Qureshi famous muslim leader of that place.He felt very sorry for them and collected 50,000 rupees from his muslim members community.He immediately gave that amount to Police and got those 15 members of Hindus got released.They were set free this wednesday.Hindus eyes have filled with tears for Muslims who helped them for no reason and also who don’t have any type of relation with them.Also Hindus troop were given some money to work in with their remaining journey.

Thus this incident clearly stated everyone about the Love and Friendship of people in India irrespective of Castes and religion.

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