Nepal Banned Indian currency Notes

Indian Currency Ban

Nepal decided to ban the Indian currency denominations which are above 100 rupees. 200 rupee notes 500 rupee notes and 2000 rupees notes are not valid in Nepal.

the Government of Nepal decided to take this step because, on November 8, 2016, a lot of people struggled to exchange their currencies. Demonetization not only affected Indians but it also affected the Indian currency holders in Nepal.

Even though the Indian government took a lot of steps for making the currency exchange clean and clear, still a lot of people struggled in this process.

Nepal accepts Indian currency as legal tender, Nepal is one of the most friendly countries where our currency is accepted just like their own currency.

So now Nepal government decided to ban the Indian currency is above hundred rupees denomination. With this step, Nepal government announces only currencies of India which are below and equal to 100 rupees are valid to buy the products in Nepal.

Well, don’t be in a confusion. higher denomination such as 200 hundred, 500 hundred and 2000 rupees are valid in India just as before.

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