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Nagarjuna’s Officer Movie Release Date Budget And Remuneration

The budget and remuneration of Officer movie

Nagarjuna’s Officer Movie Release Date Budget And Remuneration. The second movie with the super combination of RGV and Akkineni Nagarjuna is Officer. This movie is going to be a wonderful film which stoles everybody hearts. According to the crew people of Officer movie the movie is going to be an awesome movie which gives a lot of thrill for all the audience. According to RGV this movie is going to be an awesome police thriller for all sort of audience. This movie is going to be released soon in 2018 hope this movie gets a lot of audience and collections.

Nagarjuna’s Officer Movie Budget And Remuneration

Cast And Crew Of Officer:

Lead Role (Male): Akkineni Nagarjuna.

Producer: Ram Gopal Varma.

Director: Ram Gopal Varma.

The further more details about the cast and crew isn’t updated yet and will soon be updated in the future.

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Release Date: 

The team of Officer movie has planned to release the movie in may 1st but later rearranged the date in may 25th. There is chance that release date can be changed in the future. The release date of the officer movie is not yet confirmed by the team but have high level chances to be released on the date of 25th may 2018.

Budget of Officer Movie: 

The budget has been a quite hard choice for RGV. The budget information hasn’t yet came out but there is an estimation which shows the budget is around 10 crores. However this is just and estimation the original budget could be above 10 crores there is possibility that budget is below 10 crores.

Remuneration Of Officer Movie Casts:

Akkineni Nagarjuna:  2 Crores only.

Plot of Officer Movie:

According to the given information this movie is a crime action thriller movie. Akkineni Nagarjuna is acting in the role of narayana pasari who is police officer of Hyderbad who hand over a case of Mumbai gangsters. Narayana Pasari has a daughter who don’t likes the job of her father and asks him to resign for the job but he wont. After taking over the case Pasari and his daughter gone to Mumbai the story starts here. How the police arrest the criminal who is behind all the crimes of the gangster is suspense it would be great if you watch the movie in the theater on may 25th.

Teaser Review of Officer: 

Here comes the teaser of officer movie

Most of the people has reviewed to the teaser of Officer. Many people told that this movie is going to be a block buster of the year of 2018. Even by having a lot of positive reviewers officer movie does have some negative reviewers who disagree with all other positive reviewers. Most of the critics are starting to criticize the movie so much after the release of teaser.

Hope this movie gets enough collections more than there budget and become a great movie in tollywood industry just as the previous movie shiva. This movie has all the chances to get into 50 crore club in the future. All the best to the team of Officer movie.

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