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Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India Movie Budget And Remunartion

Tollywood Stylish star Allu Arjun new movie which is going to be released is Naa Peru Surya Naa illu India. After completing the Duvvada Jaganadham movie with director Harish Shanker. Allu Arjun immediately started shooting of Naa Peru Surya with Vakkantham Vamshi. Even though Duvvada Jaganadham does not given high returns it had given some popularity to the stylish star. There is a huge following to stylish star in the Telugu Film Industry also he is one of the top social media ruler from TFI.

We could expect more from Allu Arjun on this movie than the previous movie of allu arjuna like DJ, Sarrainodu, S/o Satyamurthi because this movie is about the soldiers who are the pride of the nation and also the director is Vakkantham Vamshi who had written temper and many other movie stories. This movie can give Allu Arjun a new turning point from his level he may even match with the other top heroes. This movie may gain a huge profit and also can get a good name to the TFI from all over the world and this movie definitely will be the pride to nation.

The promotions of Naa Peru Surya movie:

There is a huge amount following for this movie from all the states of india an we could expect that this movie can reach the double income from the budget.

We all know that there is a topic of this movie in the social media after release of sainka song (the first song of naa peru surya).

Budget and production management

The producers of this movie are K. Nagendra babu, Srisha and Sridhar Lagadapati and Bunny vasu. The production company is Ramalakshmi Cine Creations.

Budget: The budget of this movie is around 50 crores to 70 crores.

Story Based on:

Naa Peru Surya Naa illu India movie according to the first impact of Naa Peru Surya this movie is about a soldier pride towards his country and love towards his dream girl. This movie main theme is show how hard will a solider tries to save his country by being in the border of the country. According to the answers of Allu Arjun in an interview this movie is a great national pride movie and also a great love story.

Cast and crew and their remunerations

The given remunerations are just estimations

Allu Arjun: 12 crores

Anu Emanuel: 1 crore

Na Peru Surya Na illu India Budget and Remunerations anu

Satellite rights price: The estimated Satellite rights for the Naa Peru Surya movie is 25 Crores.


Naa Peru Surya Naa illu India is going to be released in 27 April 2018 lets hope for the best movie of stylish star about the Indian Soliders lets hope that this movie reaches into a high level beyond the expectations.

Let’s hope that this movie gives a lot fan following to the stylish star and lets also hope that this movie gain a good name to the Telugu Film Industry from all over the world.

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