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Modi blames Congress for corruption and Downfall of the country

Indian prime minister blamed congress on the corruption

In the UAE summit Modi’s speech attracted the crowd like never before. He spoke about his achievements done in the past 3 years and explained how India is ruled under Congress. He blamed Congress for irregular and corrupted work.

He said that Congress is mostly responsible for the crisis in the country. Dams were constructed¬† by Congress and canals weren’t constructed. They neglected the national roads. They neglected the technology improvement. He also said that Congress left India in crisis and after the rule of BJP India is now in profit zone. He also said isn’t these can be considered as good days.

Modi explained the growing relationship of India with the world. Even the UAE Prince is impressed with the words of Modi. UAE Prince started his words with Jai Shree RAM in the meeting. This is the best gesture of the country. Make in India, swach Bharath and some of the other important things have implemented by the Modi. BJP government never looked back on taking the hard decisions like demonitization and GST implementation. Even though public will be struggled with these moves. The number of tax payers have improved from 3 crores to 10.5 crores after demonetization and GST. This improves the economy of the country.

He also explained plenty of other changes BJP made in these 4 years. He explained each and every good move by the government. Roads, railways, medicines and other best moves. He is confident about his moves in the public. Well! In my view most of his words are true and what about your opinion on his words. Tell us your opinion in the comments section.

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