Miracles To Prove About The Existence of God

Proof about existence of god

Do you believe in God. There were many different kind of things that do happen in our life. Miracles do happen in our life. Do you ever believed in luck or in co-incidence that happened in life. There are some Miracles to prove about the existence of god. Many people tell about their previous life. Some kids said about their past life, There are many examples about this.




You may or may not believe about the existence of god. It is true and clear scientifically about the existence of super natural powers on the earth. Some people may object this, but they do surely accept this kind of things if they had scene something good and miracle happened in their life.

Few examples which were still their in this world about the existence of god are Rama Setu which was constructed by Lord Rama. This construction is their from India to Sri Lanka over the bridge

You would like to see Hindu Goddess Kali Matha Eyes moving

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