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      Technology is a scientific knowledge used for practical inventions,  there are some unbelievable technologies that exist on the earth. It is very appreciated work and mind – blowing technologies that exist on earth. Lets see some unknown facts about  different technologies that exist in world such as contact lens that can record videos,  latest OLED display, Infrared light used to find veins instantly, kitchen gadgets etc.,


  1. OLED display (organic light emitting diode) it is the latest technology now it is used in iPhone X. Phone become more attractive by this display, colors look more brighter and vibrant and it has better and faster response time comparing to LCD. Shearwater Research introduced the first color OLED diving computer in 2009, with user replaceable OLED displays are mostly used in creating digital displays in devices. These latest technology  is mostly used in  commercial applications such as Televisions, mobile phones, computer monitors, digital media players. By adding mobile icon to OLED it creates a light-emitting electrochemical cell called (LEC), and it has different mode of operation. OLED has two control schemes they are passive-matrix (PMOLED) and active-matrix (AMOLED). These displays can be designed  very easily with effect similar to CRT flicker to avoid sample-and-hold behavior.
  2. Contact lenses that can record video it is the new innovative step taken by Sony and produced a new technology out. In this lenses should be worn by eyes and they are operated by eyelids. In this eyelids control the system such as on off, and playing the video etc,.. Sensors are present to detect the length of an eyelid closure. Videos can be played by switching to display mode, it also has setting in advance to operate with different eyelid movements. This is an amazing technology which can control or correct blur images, take photos, and zoom options are also present in favor of user to get more accurate videos. It uses electromagnetic induction as a power source to keep lens operating whole day. These contact lenses are very good and it can help many people in this present generation in many ways.
  3. Chip Ouadriplegics  this technology is creating a hope for millions of paralyzed people in the world. Ian Burkhart was the patient to whom this chip was introduced surgically into his brain for the first time . This was the mind blowing technology which can control the voluntary movements of the body by thoughts. In this process a chip is surgically introduced into brain of a patient and it helps to communicate with  screens computers and it also monitors the eye movement. Here chip gets electrical signals from the brain and it transfer the data to a computer then information is passed to specific area which stimulate the specific area for the specific movement. By this technology most of the problems related to spinal-cord and paralysis are treated. This technology was still in experimental stage so it is used only in the research labs at present.
  4. Kitchen Gadgets these are nothing but gadgets related to kitchen by using technology a kitchen table is created that analyses the objects that kept on it and it is very attractive and useful when we place any vegetables or food items it gives us complete information about it.
  5. Tap Strap it is a amazing blue-tooth keyboard by this you can type on any surface and it forms into text . It forms like a gloves to your fingers and converts finger movements into key presses and text. Tap Strap was invented at Tap Systems Inc. This newly invented technology is a wearable it has 5 holes to set your fingers into it and it consists of sensors to track the information about the fingers and it is connected to any device same like as blue tooth and then when you tap the fingers on any surface it turns into the text, when single finger is taped it gives vowel and combinations gives letters of alphabet. Tap Strap connects with blue-tooth so it can operate any mobile by blue-tooth connectivity.
  6. Super Suits It is one of the suit which is helping humans to lift very heavy this very easily. One of the  hardware store in US is providing this super suits to employees to make their work easy. These store is giving a new robotic technology based exoskeleton or super suits to lift heavy items in store easily. Harvard University is developing a robotic suit which carries heavy loads easily for soldiers when used during patrol. This makes easy to handle heavy load while walking and running for extended time period, and it also useful to some physically challenged people. These suits are worn on regular uniforms and sensors present in suit monitor the wearer movements while walking running etc,..
  7. Thermo electric Paint it captures the solar or heat energy and helps in capturing waste heat from roofs and walls mostly during summer time. These paint can be applied to recover the large amount of waste heat from sources such as buildings, ship vessels and cars etc and convert this waste heat to electrical energy in large quantities. This technology is also used in 3D printed electronics and painted electronic arts.
  8. Near-infrared scanner is a technology that is used to find the veins instantly. It creates a clear image on the skin by absorbing deoxygenated hemoglobin by infrared light and machine settings manages automatically and gives you the image. This technology is invented or trialed by Red Cross in Australia, this near-infrared technology is mostly useful in the cases such as where the veins are not visible or naked to eye.
  9. Technology to heal bullet wounds within short time  when a soldier is shot in battlefield the emergency treatment can be provided by using the latest technology to heal  or stop thee bleeding from the wounds within seconds. Hemorrhage is the main cause of death in the battlefields, so when a soldier is shot or wounded deeply a specially designed syringe with specially coated sponges is directly injected into the wound called as XStat, then the sponges absorb the bleeding blood and come out from the wound forming their shape and then the bleeding is stopped completely then a bandage is kept on the wound to cover the wound, by this technology many soldiers are rescued from the death caused by hemorrhage.

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