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Mig21 vs F16 All You Need To Know About – India vs Pakisthan

Aall You Need To Know About
MIG 21 Bison is Modified Version of MIG21 Type 96

Details of MIG 21 Bison

Make               Russia

Manufacture     1960

Type                Multi-role Air Superiority, Ground Attack

Power Plant      One tumansky 7500kg R-25 Turbojet

Armament         Twin Barrel 23 MM GSH Gun

Missiles and Bombs (UB16/UB32)

Max Speed        2235 Km/h (1387 mph)

Combat radius   1110 km



Description of F16


Make                USA

Manufacture      1974

Cost                  F-16     US $14.6 Million

Type                  Advanced Multi Role Air Superiority, Advanced Ground Attack,

Advanced Radar Functioning

Max Take Off Weight      42200Lb (18900 Kg)

Internal Fuel       3210 Kg

Max Speed          1310 Mph (2020 km/h)

Ferry Range         2290 nmi (4230 Km)


Mig21 Bision


As we Discussed Above Description About Both Fighter Air crafts


As we Discussed Above Description About Both Fighter Air crafts, its Clearly Shows F16 is Most Advanced Fighter Air Craft Compare to MIG 21 Bison. You can compare with Maruthi – 800 and Top End SUV – Vehicle.

But our Hero Wing Commander Abhinandhan Varthaman Achieved an Unbelievable Feat of bringing down a Hi-tech advanced F-16 ( Two Seater ) Using With MIG-21 by Firing Air-to-Air Missile ( R-73 ).

We Should Proud, we have a brave soldier like Wg Cmdr Abhinandan Varthaman.


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