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Medaram Jathara Hundi Collects 10.17 Crore Rupees in 2018

Medaram jatharam has collected a huge amount of money

Medaram is the holi place to celebrate Jathara in telangana state. A huge number of crowd jatharing will be occurred in the time of Jathara. The number of pilgrims for Medaram Jathara are increasing year by year.

The total collection of the Hundi were counted recently. The total number of hundis were 479. The exact number of collections in the Hundi were 10,17,50,363 Rupees.

People collection medaram jathara collections

Out of the mentioned amount above Sammakka nundi collections are 5,22,45,341 crore rupees and saralamma hundi collections are 3,83,84,200. The remaining were 824 grams of gold. 47 KGS 470 grams of silver.

These are the hundi collections of Medaram Jathara said by officials of Medaram Jathara committee.

After the formation of telangana there is a tremendous increase in the number of pilgrims to Medaram Jathara. Telangana govt also promised to improve Medaram Jathara by providing required necessities. CM KCR announced a 100 crore fund will be released to Medaram Jathara for its development.

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