Lord Shiva appeared on Sky

Lord Shiva who was one of the important Gods of Hindu mythology appeared in sky.This proves his existence in this world.Lord Shiva was very famous all throughout in India.The number of devotees worshiping Lord Shiva were really countless on this Land.They just go mad for him.His existence proved so many times and this video adds a proofing material for his existence.This video was recorded by the name we mentioned in the source.




As soon as you play this you tube video you see the blue sky and the camera just gets shaking,may be video recorded without the help of tripod stand.After some time it gets strictly stiff there you can see two eyes resembling Lord Shiva’s eyes.You may be little shocked with the thing happened check the thing one to two times you see the thing same as you saw at the first moment of video that is two eyes of Lord Shiva.

Source:  Akhil ts


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