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Is Long term trading better than intraday trading | Longterm vs Intraday trading

Is Long term trading better than intraday trading

Most of the stock traders in the world prefers to go for longterm for more safety in the market. Few beginners trade intraday and lost money without having proper knowledge over the market. Is Long term trading better than intraday trading.

Is Long term trading better than intraday trading
Best method to make profit in stock market

What is intraday trading

When a stock in the market is bought and sold in the same day then it is called intraday trading.

What is Long term trading or CNC

When a stock is bought for longer period or more than one day then it is called long term trading or cash and carry.

Is Long term trading better than intraday trading

A marketer can trade both long term and intraday if he had proper knowledge over the market. You can read one of my article which provides you knowledge over intraday trading 7 Golden Rules For Intraday Option Traders For Making Guaranteed Income. This is the article written on personal experience.

One should the movement of the market to invest in longterm or intraday. A trader need to analysis where the market is moving towards. What is going to effect the market movement. Intraday trading is profitable when the fluctuation of the market is more.

Example : On November 8th 2016, Nifty started with -500 points. At such situations the movement of the market will be high when the RSI is completely low. It will be profitable if the options were bought at correct time.

Lets consider intraday in other situation. When the market moment is pleasant and moving at equal price without fluctuation then intraday might not work. If the profit booking is very less then the profit will be lost in the form of brokerage, taxes and other charges. We can choose intraday trading when there are higher profits after including the additional charges. Intraday might not work everyday unless you have higher knowledge over the market.

Longterm is a safety game. If you prefer to choose the right stock with proper analysis then the profit range will be higher. Choosing a wrong stock might get you into risk even in longterm. Simple strategies like renko charts will work for calculating longterm trading. A companies stock growth can be calculated with the popularity of the product, debts, its previous value, market cap etc. Calculating the longterm stock will be quite easier than the intraday trading.

Is Long term trading better than intraday trading
Which is the better way to make profit. Intraday or longterm trading.

Longterm vs Intraday trading | Pros and Cons

Intraday trading


  • Improves calculation.
  • Weekend jackpots.
  • News helps in easier calculation of Intraday trading.
  • Intraday charts will be much helpful to trade.
  • RSI works in Intraday.
  • Candle charts works in intraday.
  • Minute calculation charts works in intraday trading.


  • Higher risk.
  • Need much calculation.
  • Experts suggestion is required.
  • Brokerage and Taxes.

Longterm trading


  • Low Risk.
  • Renko charts calculation will be useful.
  • Experts suggestion might not be required for lower term period.
  • Profit percentage will be high over time than brokerage and taxes.


  • For longer period than 1 year, experts suggestion is required.
  • Deep calculation over debts and companies standard.
  • Choosing a wrong stock will lead to higher risk.

These are our calculations over the market. Please suggest us if we missed any of the points. We will be happy to hear the words from you in comment section.

Note: These are the personal views about the market written intraday and longterm traders. Each person may have their own way of calculations and trading.



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