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An Immortal Living Being on Earth | A documentary on Tardigrades

Immortal living being tardigrade

Tardigrades are the toughest living being on earth. They have capabilities to sustain at any climatic conditions on the Earth. Tardigrades can live in 200 degree celsius temperature and they also live in -200 degree celsius. They can sustain heavy weights.

Tardigrades can live without water for decades. They metabolism decreases almost 99.9% according to availability of resources. Scientists also found the fossils of Tardigrades which are almost 500 million old. These living being might be older than any species on the earth. Scientists are performing few experiments on this living being to combine its genes with humans. If the experiment is successful humans can feel the immortality in few years.

There are few other living being which are immortal. Jelly fish and Lobsters are immortal because of their special features. Jelly fish and Lobster can regenerate the dead cells within them. There are few other species which have capabilities to regenerate the lost body parts within them.

Science is improving day by day and the experiments are helping the humans a lot to improve there life style. The medical experiments may bring revolution in the humans life. The average life span of humans in 100 years according to the science. Well, there are humans who lived more than that and there are humans who leaved less than 100 years. Japan has live span of more than 100 years because of its environmental condition.

The way beyond the age of average life span is going to change in the future. Medical science and technical science is going to change the human world soon. Lets have a look at the Tardigrades documentary in telugu in the given video below.

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