Lion Attacks Buffalo

Lion is considered as king of jungle but according to our students male lion do not attack but it was female lion which do attack for food. Here male lion attacked buffalo. Every living being live on other living being for food. Humans and animals are parasites. There are many examples for these kind of words.




Examples are : Human’s live by eating vegetables and other animals like chicken and goat. Birds like eagles live on small birds, fishes and snakes. Eagle vs Leopard – Which animals wins the Fight . Big Battles – Heavy animal fight. Snake vs Mongoose Ultimate fight. There are many awesome examples for this type of things. Naturally this is the only way for wild living being to live. They cannot eat vegetables so they live on other small animals. Wild animals like Lion, Tiger, Cheetah and many other live on other small animals for their food.

Source : Kruger Sightings

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