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Life of Engineers

Maths 1- Only lecturer knows this subject.

Mathematical Methods – More methods , less problems.

Physics – Useful only for assignments.

Chemistry – Even lecturers don’t know how to teach this.

Drawing – Makes us to forget even how to draw a straight line.




Physics lab – None of the equipment works perfect.

Chemistry lab – Best place to take photos.

C and C++ lab – If anyone able to execute a program with error, Then he is a Legend.

Workshop РThe only thing which gives some knowledge.

Library – Best place to bunk classes.

ID card – Much useful as scale in exam times.

Canteen – One plate noodles for 10 people.

Internal exams – Introduction with other lecturers in the college.

Attendance – The only reason to attend college.

Final exams – Tragedy of life

Finally this is Engineers life. Have we missed anything then tell us .

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