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Life of Legend Sri RamaKrishna Paramahamsa

Sri RamaKrishna Paramahamsa was born in 1836 in February 17 at Kamarpur in West Bengal in Hugli District. This village is 50 miles distance from calicat, His father name is Kshudiram chotapadhyaya and Mother name is Chandramani Devi. RamaKrishna ParamaHamsa’s first name is gadhadhar. He was born by the grace of Lord Vishnu in Gaya temple. In the dream of Khudhiram lord Vishnu told that he would born as his son. So his parents named him Gadhadhar.

The pretty boy Gadhadhar stolen the hearts of villagers by his sweet smile and words. He has a great memory power. He stolen hearts by the devotional songs. He learnt reading writing in school and he did not showed interest in maths.

In his childhood he influenced by the nature green field of seven one day he saw the black clouds passing in the sky and the rows of cranes flying in the sky. The boy Gadhadhar saw the beautiful phenomena and he lost the outer consiousness, some body who was saw him brought in to home.




He faced many problems after his father death Mother’s olde age, The death of his sister in law and the financial problems. He got severe thinking about physical life. Then he realized that all of the physical lives and needs are temporary and but god is permanent. The school education cannot give the knowledge of god. So he neglected his school life. Ram kumar took his brother to calicut along with him.

Rani Rasmati belongs to Calicut in Jan Bazar was a rich women. She got huge property after her husbands death. She worships Kalimata. In the dream of Rani Rasmati, Kalimata said to built a temple behind the Ganga river. So Rani Rasmati bought seventeen acres of Land to built a temple. She built a temple in 1855 ,31st may. The prayers started in the temple Ram Kumar appointed as priest in the temple. Gadhadar stays along with Ram Kumar after the death of Ram Kumar, Gadhadhar was appointed as pujari for the temple.

He feels that kalimata is not a statue. He had a big ambition to saw kali mata by his eyes. His institute had grown day bu day. One day he decided to die because life is waste without seeing Khalimata. Before starting his activity Khalimata stopeed Gadhadhar. Then Ramakrishna went into unconciousness. From that day he is known as the great devote of Khali Mata. He got some powers from God. Some people though that he gone mad.

This news spread up to Kamarpur his mother. His mother though that marriage will recover him from that problem.

Remaining part will be updated soon.

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