The Last Video Of Sridevi Before Her Death

Sridevi death video

The Last Video Of Sridevi Before Her Death. Indian Actress Sridevi has found dead in the Dubai hotel. Sridevi and her family went to Dubai to visit the wedding of a heroine. After going to the wedding Sridevi and her husband Booney Kapoor had went to the hotel room. Then Sridevi had went to the bathroom of their hotel room. After a long time she didn’t came outside of the room. Later Booney Kapoor went to check the Sridevi but she found dead in the bath tub. They took her to hospital but it was too late and then doctors said she was dead by a heart attack.

Sridevi And Her Husband

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Actress Sridevi is one of the top most actress in India. this video is about what had happened to her before her death in the bath tub and also shows  about the secret behind the death of actress Sridevi. Actress sridevi death is known after an hour of her death. Even her husband had given very suspicious answers to the polices of Dubai. There are many reason and also many secrets for Sridevi’s death in Dubai.

This Is The Last Video Of Actress Sridevi Before her death in Dubai Hotel


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