Krishnarjuna Yudham Movie Budget And Remuneration

Krishnarjuna Yudham movie is directed by a Merlapaka Ghandhi where natural star Nani is playing dual role in the Krishnarjuna Yudham movie. This is the third movie of Nani where he done dual roles the first was Janda Py Kapiraju and the second was Gentleman. Natural star Nani is acting in the roles of Krishna and Arjuna. We could expect a block buster from Natural star Nani There are no hits for Nani in the recent times and also Nani planned for this movie before completing the MCA ( Middle Class Abbayilu) movie. These are the details of Krishnarjuna Yudham Movie Budget And Remuneration.

Cast and Crew of Krishnarjuna Yudham;

Lead Role(Male): Nani.

Nani in Krishnarjuna Yudham movie

Lead Role(Female): Anupama Parmeshwar, Rukshar.

Rukshar in krishnarjuna Yudham Movie Anupama parameshwaran in krishnarjuna yudham movie

Supporting Role: Viva Raghav, Sanjay Swaroop.

Sanjay swaroop in krishnaarjuna yudham

Director: Meralapaka Ghandhi.

Krishnarjuna yudham movie directo Merlapaka Ghandhi

Cinematography: Karthik Ghattamaneni.

Producers: Sahu Garapati, Harish Peddi.

Production Company: Shine Screens.

Distributed Company: Sri Venkateshwara Films.

Music Director: Hip Hop Tamizha.

Hip Hop Tamizha is the music director of Krishnarjuna yudham

These are the cast and crew of Krishna Arjuna Yudham. All the people who are working for this movie are really working hard to make this movie get success after the release. Krishnarjuna Yudham movie is about the two roles done by Nani where one is on village and the other on city. All the cast and crew are really trying hard to give the best entertainment movie to all the audience.

Budget and Production of Krishnarjuna Yudham:

Producers Harish and Sahu had discussed about the budget of Krishna Arjuna Yudham movie with the production company Shine Screens they had planned an amount of 15 crores later reduced to 10 crores. Finally fixed the budget as 10 crores in the end. The budget of Krishnaarjuna Yudham movie is 10 crores but have high chances of changing the budget of the movie due to some issues which are running among the people about this movie.

Krishnarjuna Yudham Story Based On:

According to some interview of Nani and the director of this movie Meralapaka Ghandhi this movie is mostly about the fight between to roles of Nani one is Krishna and the other is Ajun. These dual roles will live in city and village respectively. So how they met and what is the reason for their fight and how they know each other and what is the main reason behind there meeting is still a suspense. The characteristics of Arjun is completely different from Krishna. Arjun is very rough and hard character from his childhood he was very good hearted guy as well as hard and rough guy because he grew on the village from his childhood. If we come to the characteristics of Krishna There are no details about the Krishna character yet. We have to wait for the movie to be released to know the suspense. We can’t do anything for the movie we just have to wait for the Krishnarjuna Yudham movie to be released.

Remuneration of Krishnarjuna Yudham movie actors and actress:

These remunerations are just estimated

Nani: 1 crore

Nani remuneration in Krishnarjuna Yudham movie

Anupama Parameshwar: 50 lakhs

Anupama parameshwaran remuneration in Krishnarjuna Yudham

Rukshar Mir: 25 lakhs

Rukshar Mir remuneration in krishnarjuna yudham

Release date of Krishnarjuna Yudham:

Krishnarjuna Yudham is going to be released on April 12 2018.

Lets Wait for the movie of Natural star Nani also lets hope that they get a huge amount of profit after the release. Natural star Nani reduced his remuneration for this movie because of the less amount of budget and Nani had really loved this movie story so much by that he reduced his amount of remuneration and given back to the production company.

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