Kona Venkat Message to Srinu vaitla


konasrinumessagekona Venkat who recently lost his fame and name with Negative talk of Shankarabaranam Messaged his partner Srinu Vaitla says rumors.There has been fight between these two guys since Badshah movie of N.T.R has Released.This two guys crazy combination gave many super hits to Tollywood.

                  After some movies got super hits there developed ego feeling between this two guys. They fought that entire credit goes to only for one of their works. This made them to get separated and work individually.Later on Srinu Vaitla did Agadu with Mahesh Babu which has totally collapsed before Box-office.Then Srinu vaitla realized his mistake and accompanied with Kona Venkat for Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee.





But it has been a news that Kona didn’t showed interest in Bruce Lee script.Entire care was taken by Srinu itself.Also Bruce Lee got bad talk because of this.Later on Kona’s story Akhil entered theaters leaving back another disaster.But Kona declared that only director was responsible for that movie failure.But now before Shankarabaranam he publicly announced that he was everything for this movie.Now he got his mouth shut for everything for what he have done.So he now thought his lesson and messaged Srinu Vaitla. So we can see those awesome Vintage movies from them.

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