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Karimnagar Tourism – Karimnagar Smart City, Places to Visit

Best places to visit in karimnagar

A lot to discuss Karimnagar tourism and Karimnagar smart city updates.

Karimnagar is one of the best tourism destinations in Telangana and is the home for historic monuments, pious places, and Famous restaurants. Karimnagar city was built on the bank of Manair river, anciently it was a part of Hyderabad district. The city experiences dry inland climatic conditions.  This area was ruled by Shathavahanas, Mauryas, and Asif Jahis. During their eras, greatest constructions took place to provide evidence for area’s rich history. Karimnagar city is the mother of revolutionary movements in Telangana. Karimnagar is well known for its delicious and traditional dishes.

Karimnagar Smart city

Some of the most familiar attractions in Karimnagar district are

Lower Manair Dam: The lower Manair dam(famously known as LMD) was built across Manair  River, at Algunoor village, Thimmapur Mandal of Karimnagar district. It is the best place to visit during monsoon. The dam rises 41 meters from the river level. 163,000 hectares of land is irrigated under this dam.

Clock Tower: Tower clock is a famous historic monument located at the center of the city,  constructed by British collector Hunter in the year 1928. It consists of clocks in four different directions,  GPRS clocks are used to display time.

Kaman: The another historic construction, which signifies the Nizam’s rule in Karimnagar. Kaman symbolizes rich heritage and culture of Karimnagar. This was constructed by Sheik Saleh Khan who was the Nizam’s  Karimnagar in-charge on the occasion of Meer Osman Ali Khan’s visit to the district.

Deer Park: It is located near to Lower Manair Dam, comprises an approx. Area of 30 acres. It consists of different species of birds and animals. This is a great place to enjoy for animal lovers and the best location for wild photographers.

Elagandal Fort: Elegandal fort is one of the ancient construction of Karimnagar, situated on the bank of the Manager river in the Elegandal village, which is at a distance of 10 kilometers from the city. During NIzam era the Elegandal Fort was the headquarters of Karimnagar. It is believed that a secret tunnel existed which connects fort and the Manakondur village(which is 10 k.m away from the fort), there are some evidence for this tunnel.

Food and Restaurants:

Karimnagar is home for traditional foods and delicious regional recipes, every festival in Karimnagar starts with special sweets and regional recipes. Local recipes like Sarvapindi, Chakinalu, Aariselu, Ragi java, Ramzaan special Haleem etc., have a statewide recognition for its taste and nutritional values.

 Karimnagar is the place of hygienic and top class restaurants like Prathima Multiplex, Geetha Bhavan,

Peacock, Silver Leaf etc., these restaurants attract food lovers by the top-class menu with regional, national, international dishes with perfect taste and luxurious dining facility. The restaurants of Karimnagar are ranked with A grade in maintenance and food quality. Mamaji Jalebi wall is the famous sweet shop in the city, which has statewide recognition for its taste and quality in sweets.


Karimnagar is the best place for fashion, famous malls like Mangalya, VRK, SouthIndia, Trendz, Khazana, Tanishq etc., gives you the greatest shopping experience with wide varieties of clothing styles and jewelry. Some villages in Karimnagar is well known for weaved cotton sarees which brought a new trend in clothing for women.

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