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Karimnagar Smart City – Smart Cities in Telangana

Karimnagar Smart City - Smart Cities in Telangana

What is a smart city?

A smart city is a city which is remodeled to function in an efficient manner. New and creative ideas are implemented to make the city livelier and revenue generating. Few such implementations are controlling mobile traffic by constructing flyovers or metro rails thereby making the traffic less and traveling easy, Pollution control, installing cc cameras so that the city can be monitored to function well. These are only the basic features these days in western countries such as U.S.A new technologies like IOT and AI are used to make the city more efficient and easy to live.

Smart city mission in India

This program was put front by the government of India in which 100 cities are to be selected and made smart. In this scheme, except for West Bengal, all the states and union territories of India are open to apply to be enlisted. After three rounds of selection, the list was finalized to 99 cities. A total budget of 98 thousand crore rupees is sanctioned to these cities under this scheme, i.e an at least amount of 500 crore rupees will be sanctioned to remodel and renovate.

Karimnagar as a smart city

Karimnagar is a city in northern Telangana. It is the third largest city in Telangana after Hyderabad and Warangal. It was promoted by the state to be enlisted in the above mentioned SCM. Hyderabad was not proposed by the Telangana state to be enlisted in the SCM instead Warangal and Karimnagar were proposed and promoted by the state.

Karimnagar is actually lucky to be selected in the smart city scheme. It was not selected in the first two rounds but the last round changed the city’s fate. It is the smallest town to be enlisted as a smart city.

How smart is Karimnagar going to become

Area-based development is the theme for Karimnagar smart city development. Following are the ideas to make the city smarter economic revitalization, increasing tourism by constructing a mini tank bund in the river Manair, Renovation of tower circle etc.. reinventing transportation and mobility to decrease traffic, pollution thereby making the city green. Installing solar panels at the rooftops of buildings is a part of energy sourcing. 24*7 water supply to all part of the city, development of infrastructure.

As a part of phase 1, the following three ideas are going to be implemented

Installing solar panels on the rooftop, 35 kilometers of integrated road, green boulevard at the circus ground.

To achieve the above ideas and make the city smarter a total budget of 1490 crore rupees is to be sanctioned by the central and state governments in the period of 2017-22 of which 18 crore rupees are already sanctioned and 100 crore rupees are to be sanctioned in the year 2018-19. By 2022 Karimnagar will be a self-sufficient, sustainable and smart city. this is envisioned to have a huge impact on the nearby regions thereby being a part of the country development.

This is only the plan Warangal has already been sanctioned with funds of 495 crore rupees by the state and the center but the city was not changed anyway in a significant manner. In the end, the development depends upon the local government bodies

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