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Kamal Hasan Fires on Tamil Nadu Government


Kamal Hasan Ulaganayagan was very much angry on Tamil Nadu Government.He openly revealed his anger over tamil nadu Government.This was not the first time he was angry over Government.





Before this Kamal hasan’s Vishwaroopam movie was stopped in Tamil Nadu by Tamil Government for disrespecting.Evev though this type of thing happened Kamal Hasan dared again to stand opposite to Government.The main reason behind this disrespect was that tamil Government collecting relief fund for chennai flood victims.

Kamal says that he has no personal grudge over anyone.He just says that people elected politicians as their leaders so that they will stand before them in hard situations.He says that Government be ever ready to face this type of situations.As Government asks every one to give money to protect people then what is the point of having Government says ulaganayagan.He finally admits that he was not rich as every one thinks but he gives money for chennai relief fund as he can’t refuse the orders of Government.Also says that he was one of chennai citizens and he want to help his family who were in a web of problem drained water.

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