Junior NTR much impressed by Mahesh Babu

Super star Mahesh Babu has a huge success with his previous film Srimanthudu. He got much good response from the audience and many hero’s. Many villages were adopted after seeing his films. Politicians and movie actors responded much for his film. Ram Charan Son of Chiranjeevi had first called and wished Mahesh on his success. After Bahubali Srimanthudu is the second industry hit in Tollywood.┬áJunior NTR much impressed by Mahesh Babu.




Junior NTR had recently completed his movie shooting and came back to India. After seeing the film srimanthudu. Junior NTR impressed by Mahesh babu acting and the way he choose the story.

Junior NTR called Mahesh babu and wished him congratulations on his success. And also talked a bit more about movies. He said All the best for his upcoming film Bramhosavam. These two super stars were one of the good friends in the industry.

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