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Junior NTR for Prathaparudhra

One of best 3d film director by Gunashekar is Rudramadevi. 13 years of hard work and the love towards making a film made him to direct Rudramadevi with his own production. The movie got much positive talk from the audience. It is clear that, This film director is going to director another movie which would be as second part of this movie.




The story of the second part of the movie is about the grand son of Rudramadevi. Prathaparudra is the Grand son of Rudramadevi who ruled the Kakatiya  dynasty.

The second part of the movie details were yet to be known. The hero and the others characters should be developed by the director. There are chances that Junior NTR would be suitable for the character Prathaparudra.Junior NTR for Prathaparudhra.

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