Jackie Chan Real behaviour will Shock you

Jackie Chan Real Behaviour in this video will really shock you.He just thought a good lesson for all the Heroes of this modern India.This Video has been taken during the audio Function of Dasavataram.

Dasavataram was the movie of Kamal Hasan in which he played 10 roles.This movie was directed by K.S.Ravi kumar. Kamla Hasan like Jackie Chan so deep so he invited him to this movie’s audio function.Along with Chan Karuna Nidhi then Chief minister of Tamil Nadu State was also invited to the Function. Karuna nidhi launched the audio by tearing paper over the CD costume where as Kamal and Jackie Chan holding them on either sides.He tore the paper and no one observed the paper cuttings over stage other than Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan gathered all those paper cuttings and threw them in near by dustbin.The people on stage like Kamal And Amitabh Bachan got shocked with this incident.Also the response from crowd for Jackie Chan’s attitude was too damn high.He proved that Attitude matter and Attitude is Everything.

Source of the Video : Sravana Kumar

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