South Indian Tollywood movie ‘Subramanyan for Sale’ is released on 24th September 25, 2015. The hero of the film belongs to star family in telugu film Industry. His name is Sai Dharam Tej son in law of Chiranjeevi known as mega star in the Tollywood Industry. Subramanyam for sale Hit or Flop.




The movie Subramanyam for sale is a story a normal boy who leaves his marriage and travels to US. He meets Regina in US already engaged with a guy. Later on due to some disturbances Regina falls in love with Subramanyam. Hero is already engaged in his mother land. Regina also had some troubles in her home. They both will understand and stand against their problems. This is the story all about the movie.

Plus Points: Action, Entertainment, Story, Second part.

Minus Points: Songs, Locations, Less Dialogues, First Part.

Totally the movie is Action Entertainer. We suggest watch it.

Rating : 3/ 5



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