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Is Pawan Kalyan Really Tollywood number one

Being at top position for a complete industry is not a simple thing. Tollywood had got many stars. Deciding the best and top hero among the stars is not a simple thing. If someone is decided to be at the top position he should have some specific qualifications. Is Pawan Kalyan Really Tollywood number one.




Qualities a Hero should have to be in Number one position

  1. Huge fan following than any other hero in the industry.
  2. Best acting skills consists expression, Dialogue delivery, Action performance, Timing and many other skills.
  3. Dance: Best dance is also important to prove he is good at all skills
  4. Character : Character also matters to prove someone at top position.
  5. Following from other industries: Being best at single place cannot prove he is best of his place for all the time. Number one positions need following from other places too.
  6. Support of other stars : To be at top position the person needs the support of other hero’s who are in top position.

If any hero has all these 6 qualities then he can be considered as number one Hero.

If Pawan Kalyan has all the above 6 qualities then he is Number one Hero.

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