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Is KCR going to help Chandrababu Naidu to win in Andhra Pradesh election?

KCR going to help Chandrababu Naidu

It’s a tricky thing to understand here, Chandrababu Naidu joined hands with Congress in Telangana elections to win against TRS. But TRS won with the highest majority in the state. the people of Telangana thought that voting for Congress is equal to voting for TDP and also they thought the TDP is Andhra party so if they Vote for Congress then it is equal to voting for Andhra Pradesh people.

In Andhra Pradesh, the two major parties are YSR CP and TDP. If TRS joins with YSR CP to Canvas against TDP then people of Andhra Pradesh might think that YSR CP joined hands with TRS to win in elections. so that they will think voting for YSR CP is equal to voting for Telangana people.

I am not saying that there is a rivalry between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana people but hear what I want to say is every person wants their own people to work for them. Everyone wants their own people to be in their government. If TRS joins hands with YSR CP then it will be a complete post you turn for TDP.

According to me if TRS wants to participate in Andhra Pradesh elections they should not join hands with YSR CP or TDP. Whatever the Party joins hands with TRS in Andhra Pradesh elections will lose.

that’s my opinion hope you understand what I said and thanks a lot for reading please do comment your opinions in the form Inception.

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