There are about 81 visible stars just 20 light years away from our Sun.
The nearest one is Proximus Centauri, which is about 4.3 light years away.

Getting there is a difficult task. Because light year is an incredibly long distance.
It’s the distance that light in a vaccum will travel in an entire year. And in just
one second light can travel so far as to circles the entire Equator Earth 7 times.

For example : A faster bullet can travel at about 1,500 m/s. And Voyoger 1 is travelling at about 17,000 m/s relative to the sun .Also relative to our sun Earth is orbiting at the speed of 29,800 m/s , Of course this is much fast. But the fastest man-made object ever was the Helios 2 Solar Probe which traveled at a maximum speed of 70,220 m/s.



Even at this speed (70,220 m/s) , it takes 19,000 years to reach the nearest star to us (Proximus Centauri).

After knowing this you might think that we will ever visit others stars. But I can say there is a change of visiting other stars if you are capable to travel at the speed of light . Well, our technology is developing day by day and there is change of making more fastest things .

Scientists say that we might have grip on our whole galaxy in 5 million years , that’s pretty long right .Of course none of us will be alive still that many years . But thinking about future will be pretty awesome, right. We are developing day by day . Let’s see what were the more things we could achieve .

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