Instant Online Finance – Online Lending Platforms for Lenders and Borrowers

Instant Online Finance - Online Lending Platforms for Lenders and Borrowers

In recent times everything is available online, you can sit in front of the tv at your home and get all your necessities food, furniture, clothes, electronic appliances everything. In the same way, if you spent too much money this month and unable to cover your bills you can swiftly take a loan online, now you don’t have to go to your relatives or neighbors, which is embarrassing and humiliating. If you go to money lenders they will charge very high interest rates, you can’t really go to the bank, can you? It takes a lot of time for the bank to process your loan. In this article, we discuss online personal loans and obtaining loans through apps. You can obtain a loan online in two ways: 1. Online personal loans 2.Loans through apps.

Online personal loans 

You can apply for PERSONAL loans from banks or any third parties online. You can get a loan of maximum 50 lakh rupees, it will take a maximum of 6 hours, time depends on the company you choose few of them only takes minutes. If you want to take a personal loan you will have to mention your salary per month and your credit score will also be checked. Here is the list of priority wise sorted top online personal loan lending platforms and banks in India.

Online lending platforms: these are platforms connecting lenders and borrowers. Borrowers are benefited as the interest will be less than that of credit cards and offline lenders available nearby.

  1. I2ifunding:
  2. Lendbox:
  3. Faircent:
  4. Omlp2p:
  5. Pearland:
  6. LenDenclub:
  7. Indiamoneymart:
  8. Tab capital:
  9. Quick credit:
  10. Flexi loans:

These loans are a bit unsecured when compared to banks, but they are quick enough to get you through the trouble.  The top 5 of them are well-established companies since the arise of FinTech.

List of banks offering online personal loans

1. HDFC Bank Personal Loans

Interest rate:  14-20%

Age requirement:  21-60 years

Min income requirement:  15-21k rupees

Max loan:  15 lakhs

Tenure: 12-60 months

Max Disbursal time:  2 days


Interest rate:  11-14%

Age requirement: 21-60 YEARS

Min income requirement: 5k rupees

Max loan: 15 lakh

Tenure: 60 months

3. Punjab national bank Personal loans

Interest rate:  up to 15%

Age requirement: 2 years

Min income requirement:  10-15k

Max loan: 10 lakh

Tenure: 60 months

4. Axis Bank Personal Loans

Interest rate:  15-24%

Age requirement: 21-60 YEARS

Min income requirement:  15K RUPEES

Max loan: 15 LAKHS

Tenure: 12-60 MONTHS

5. CANARA BANK Personal Loans

Interest rate:  12.75%

Age requirement: 21-60 YEARS

Min income requirement: 12.5K

Max loan: Rs 1 lakh or 15 months of net income

Tenure: up to 36 months

6. Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan:

Interest rate: 13.99%

Age Requirement: 25-58 years

Min income requirement: 30-40k min salary

Max loan: Max loan 25 lakhs

Tenure: 12-60 months

Disbursal time: 24 hours

7. Mahindra Finance Personal Loan

Age requirement: 21-58 years

Min income requirement:  no information

Max loan:  3 lakhs

Tenure: 3 years

8.IDBI bank Personal Loans

Interest rate:  12-13%

Age requirement:  22-60 years

Min income requirement:  15k

Max loan:  10 lakhs

Tenure:  12-60 months

Online Loan Apps 

The loan is also lent through apps, there are a lot of well-established startups since FinTech. These apps lend you money instantly and some of them like money tap charge interest only for the amount of money spent for example you borrowed a loan of 2 lakh and spent only 50 k of it then you will be charged interest for 50k i.e 50k * interest percent per year * no. of years you kept the money. Here is the list of top money lending apps. Apps on google play Interest rate No. of  App downloads Min & max loan amount
1 Money tap 1.08%-2.03% 1M 3k-5 lakhs
2 Rupee land 3.04-30.4% 10 k+ 10k-  1 lakh
3 Flex salary No info 50 k+ Max 2 lakhs
4 Money view Min 1.33% 1M + 25k – 2 lakhs
5 cretifiable Min 0.91% 1K + 1 lakhs- 5 lakhs
6 Paymeindia 2-6% 1 K+ 1k – 1 lakh
7 credy 1-1.5% 10 K+ 5k – 1 lakh


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