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An Inspiring Story of Elon Musk | The Man who have Power to Destroy Entire World

An Inspiring Story of Elon Musk | The Man who have Power to Destroy Entire World

You might be knowing how the nuclear world is growing. You might also know that countries have power to destroy the entire world with there nuclear power. The once thing you are now aware of is private companies which handles these nuclear weapons. One of the private company amount them is SpaceX. SpaceX has capability to enter into any worlds technology. They have capability to launch any kind of missile in any place of the earth.

Journey of Elon Musk into SpaceX

SpaceX is started with a dream of Elon Musk. Elon Musk’s dream is to reach Mars and start improving Ecosystem in Mars. He was born on South Africa in the year 1974 and started to learn computer programing from the age of 10. Elon musk invented a game at the age of 12. The game of later sold to a magazine for 500$. After his graduation he started a company with his brother. Elon Musk and his brother started a company with 28000$ of his father money. The company is about guidance to the news paper of tourist places. It was a great success at that time. Later on the company was sold for 307 Million Dollars. Elon Musk walked out with 22 Million dollars in his hand. He then started a online banking website which is a huge success at his times. Then the website merged with another site and became paypal. Paypal was later bough by ebay with a great amount.

The days passed and Elon Musk is thinking about his journey to exploring the Mars. He went to Russia to buy some refurbished rockets. The cost of the rockets at Russia disappointed Elon Musk. He though that he could make rockets at very low cost. He calculated some fundamentals and found that only 3% of the amount of a rocket is required to buy the raw material of Rocket. Then he started a company SpaceX. The first 3 atemtps of Space X were disasters which lead Elon Musk to loose his 80% of money. He is left only few amount which is enough to make 1 rocket. If the 4th rocket fails then the company will be shutdown. By gods grace and engineers hard work, the fourth launch is successful.That was one of the historic moment in the history of Rocket science. Space X is the only private company to launch a rocket.

Elon Musk’s next target is to make reusable rockets. Space X worked tremendously to make reusable rockets. After a number of failures, finally space X landed a reusable Rocket on December 2015. They later on started to make many experiments to make reusable Rockets more affordable. Space X is the only organization to launch and land a reusable rocket.

Recently Elon Musk sent a Tesla car to the Mars. Space X is the first organization to send a car to the Mars including Robotic human called Star Man. Elon Musk can control space debris. He is capable sending any missile to any country without any permission. Well, He don’t do that. He can also be the next president of America with his huge fan following. His assets are now worth over 19 Billion Dollars.

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