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Immortal people

According to holy books and Hindu science there are some human being who are living from some million of
years .Some people of India believe that lord hanuman is still alive and living at Himalayas.We can also
see many of saints who lived more than 100 years .According to the spiritual science we can say that
lord Hanuman ,Parushurama , Ashvadhama ….

There are some old holy books which says a human can be immortal by some kind of pujas or meditation.

Even though our present science will not accept this but it might be true .

Pyramids which are constructed thousands of years ago had symbols of aliens on them .There are many miracles which can’t be seen through our naked eye . One of them is bermuda triangle. Scientist say that there might be some kind of alien power acting on that place.

There are no clear words to prove this but what we can say is through imagination ,of course every amazing creation starts through imagination .

Some people say that gods might be aliens which old people used to pray to their super natural powers. Some people say that gods where the names created by human beings to be in control ,By this supernatural powers people might not make sins due to the fear .

However we can’t clearly give a clarity up on this confusion .

We can say that it clearly that there might be the existing of super natural powers among us . We had invented many things like wireless mobiles where signals are carried in air which can’t be scene through our naked eye.

There might be chance that we can find the existence of god in future .

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