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I Guarentee You That Her English Will Surely Make You Laugh

Many people don’t know how to speak proper English. Everything will be learned from basics. Making small mistakes will make them to learn something. There are thousands of languages available through out the world and the most spoken language in the world is English and it is the basic thing in the world to learn for communication. People will learn from basics they may not speak proper English from their starting but they will learn day by day and will be perfect one day.




No one can speak properly a new language in their first attempt. It will be funny if someone speaks  new language in their basic stage not only english it is difficult to speak any language in one go. We do have many funny incidents that happen in our daily life as we that them as entertainment part of our life. This is also one of the entertainment thing by a basic English learner.

Source : Raghavan Chakravarthi

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