Hyundai Launches New Santro Car – Will It Effect Maruthi Shares?

30000 Units vs 10000+ units per month

There is 1 swift out of 3 cars in India. Maruthi boomed its profits and share value after the launch of Swift car. Switch car launched in India in the year 2005. It continued to grow in the market and attracted the maximum possible customers. The car still has a great demand in the market.

Now Hyundai Launches New Santro – How this is going to effect Maruthi Shares?

In the stock market, investors seek a company which gets them a good amount of profit. A company gets a good amount of profit when they have a decent number of sales.

Here, I do not consider Santro as a competitor for Swift but I do consider Santro as a competitor Alto and Wagon R.

Hyundai Launches New Santro Car - Will It Effect Maruthi Shares?

New Santro Price Ranging from 3.89 Lakh to 5.45 Lakh. 

Hyundai is working on this model since 2015 and finally, they completed it in 2018. The company almost spent 100 Million Dollars on this project.

The company says the car has been tested at 150 KM/PH speed. They tested the car at 40 Degrees Celcius and -10 Degrees Celcius.

The car has two versions of the gear system. Manual gear system and Automated gear system. It’s up to the customer to select the type of gear. The car has a fuel efficiency of 20.1 KM’s per liter

Competition Between Maruthi Wagon R and Hyundai New Santro

Maruthi Wagon R’s market is up to 30000 units per month. Hyundai Estimates a market of 10000+ units per month.

30000 Units vs 10000+ units per month

Let’s wait and see the demand for the New Santro in the market. The number of sales is proportional to the higher profits. The more sales for one company can be a trouble for other company.

Till now Maruthi Swift and Wagon R are running with a great demand. Let’s wait and see how Hyundai New Santro effects the market of Maruthi.

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