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How to Schedule Mails in Gmail For Free

Write an email now and send later in gmai

Write an email now and send later in gmail. Ever though of scheduling a mail you wanted to send someone in the future. Every though of scheduling whole year’s birthday wishing within an hour. Yes, you can do this with simple steps. Lets get on to the steps one by one.

How to Schedule Mails in Gmail

Whenever you want to write a mail, You will compose it. As usual do the same thing in the beginning. Compose the mail and put it in the draft. Once the mail is listed in the drafts, You need to have an application to schedule the mails.

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How to setup mail scheduler in Gmail

Step 1: You need to add an extension in your chrome browser. Download Email Scheduler Add on to your chrome browser.

Step 2: Allow the browser to authenticate your gmail. This is one time process because the mails need to be send from your out box. You need to give access to the extension.

Step 3: After installing the Email Scheduler extension. Go the Email Scheduler extension and launch it.

Step 4:  You will see the list of draft mails in the extension. Select whatever the mail you want to sent someone. Select the date and schedule.

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There are other extensions which can help you out in scheduling mails but this one is user friendly and mostly used. Hope you like the article.

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