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How To Gain Traffic from Quora To Your Website

Quora is gaining more traffic than usual so how can you gain more visitors from Quora to your website

How To Gain Traffic from Quora To Your Website

Very hard for you isn’t it.

You are trying your level best to gain traffic to your website from different social media’s but you are not being succeeded in it.

Well, all bloggers want traffic to their website so they try to gain traffic from different sources. Most of the bloggers tries to drive traffic to their website by using social media like quora, reddit, facebook etc. If you are one of them then this article is definitely for you.

Hope this Information will give success to you and your website.

Quora: Quora is one of the most using website for questions and answers. Quora isn’t only about questioning and answering it is also one of the best website to get knowledge. Most of the bloggers who are using Quora for traffic gives positive comments on the website and also get 75% of traffic from Quora. You can also use it for your website to gain much traffic than now.

Here are the top 5 best ways to drive traffic from Quora to your website. I guarantee that you will get much traffic from Quora by using these methods of answering.

1) Quality answers to the questions

Yes, answering the questions of Quora in quality way. If you think about it you can’t drive traffic from Quora just by giving your link in the answering section. You should try to answer the question in the best manner. If you could answer the question in the best manner and give the source to your website in below of your answer there is a high chances of gaining traffic to your website. Don’t forget that you shouldn’t post a direct link of your website without giving good information to the question in Quora, if you really want to get traffic from Quora.

2) Giving answers to the questions which are related to your Niche

Let’s think about it what if you answer a question that isn’t related to you niche (A specific category) the answer is simple you can’t even gain a single visitor from Quora to your website. So by answering the questions which are related to you niche will definitely drag some visitors to your website. This is also an important part of gaining traffic from Quora to your website so don’t neglect this method in answering the questions in Quora.

3) Getting more upvotes to your answers in Quora

Just like reddit If your answer a question in Quora your answer will be getting upvoted or downvoted. So remember this point when you get more upvotes to your answer than your answer will be viewed by many people. So you should write an answer which will gain more upvotes by people who viewed your answers. This is the most important method which drive much traffic to your website from Quora. This is a simple method but also a difficult method if you can’t write a perfect answer to the question in Quora. So try to get much upvotes to your answers in the Quora.

4) Getting more follower to your account in the Quora

Ofcourse, we all know that the person who got more following has more popularity. In Quora you should try to get more followers to your account so that they can know your answers and upvote that answer if they like it. So by having more following to your account you can gain more traffic to your website by answering a certain question in the Quora. If you have more following in Quora then you have more visitors to your website.

5) Having more quality backlinks to your website

You may think that what will be the relation between backlinks of my website to Quora. When you answer a question in the Quora with the link of your website your website information will be seen by Quora. So if you have more quality backlinks to your website then you will have more chances of getting much views to the answer and also having much chances of getting more traffic to your website from Quora. We can say that this method will gain a good traffic to your website not only from Quora it can gain much traffic from many other sources.

There are lots of benefits by using this methods more than gaining traffic to your website.

1) Getting quality backlinks to your website

By using Quora you can get perfect referrals to your websites and also your website even get a perfect backlinks. You may think that what is the use of backlinks by Quora There is a lots of use by having referrals and backlinks from Quora it can give you unique visitors from different place around the world by using the above methods of Quora.

2) Quora gives you more following among people

By having more following on Quora can give you more traffic to anything you post in Quora. Are you thinking that you should answer more questions to get more following and ranking then it’s not that hard but better than that you have to some best answers which can give you more following in the Quora.

3) Getting more following to your website

We can say that your website will have more popularity among Quora people. Quora will definitely drive a better traffic to your website than the other social media because Qoura is a place most of the people find answers for their question so if you have perfect content for them then you can easily get more popularity to your website.

4) Quora can get your name into many publications

Most of the people who had answered as the best got noticed by many publications like forbes. This thing helps all. By using Quora you can get free advertisement of you and your website by many other news sites.


Hence these are the methods and their benefits by using Quora to get more traffic to your website. Hope the above information is used for you.

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