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How to do Registration of Vehicle in Showroom Itself

Showroom in India

No person is allowed to drive the vehicle without the registration of the vehicle in accordance with chapter 4 of I M v act 1988. Every owner of a motor vehicle shall cause the vehicle to be registered by a registration authority where he has residence or place of business where the vehicle is kept. Registration of a vehicle is mandatory for every person. For registration of the vehicle, you need to fill an application with your required details. The person who bought the vehicle should apply for the registration within the gap of seven days from the date of delivery.  To register a vehicle the person has to approach R T O office with required documents. The documents are sales certificate, roadworthiness certificate, valid insurance, proof of address (permanent address it may be Aadhar card, ration card, election card.), pollution certificate, chassis number, and temporary registration number. Before the registration please be ensure that all documents are available i.e. form 20 ( original ), form 21 ( original ), form 2, tax receipt, invoice ( original ). You have to book a slot in R T O by using T R number.  After the verification of your certificates. There may some fee for which you have to pay. You have to go the RTO office, you have to fill the application form and after paying the amount and inspection officer will come to check your vehicle and after that, with the approval of R T O you will get the registration number. You will get your Registration number by next day and R C will get to your home within a one week or more. This has been the procedure to get registration number.

But now it is going to change you need not go to R T O office for registration of your vehicle. This registration can be done in show room itself. The person who bought a vehicle, there is need of him going to r t o office. Regarding this issue, the government has passed a G. O which will give some relief to the persons who purchased new vehicles. Permanent registration number which is a security number plate can be given in Showroom itself.  When you buy a vehicle it is given a temporary number, instead, there will give a permanent number in place of T R number. So that there will be no double work it means one time registration. First, you will be given T R number and then you to apply for registration, next they will give the temporary number. It is  being followed by Andhra Pradesh and they are successfully doing this. In Telangana, it is not at implanted but the government is taking necessary measures to ensure this registration program to be done showroom itself. It will be first implemented in Hyderabad then it will be implemented total state wide.  This process can take several months for implementation. This procedure will be very useful if implemented and normal citizens will be given some relief if it comes in to action.

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