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How To Develop Quickly In Age Of Empires 2

How to become a pro in Age of Empires 2

Age Of Empires is one of the best strategical game where the player build there a kingdoms and began to evolve to further ages. Age Of Empires is a popular game around the world. This game does requires strategies and tactics to win against the opponent. If you are one of the player who want to know about the strategies and tactics to win against the opponents and develop your kingdom in Age Of Empires. Then here are the tips of How To Develop In Age Of Empires.

Maintaining Villagers Perfectly:

Creating and using the villagers for resources and buildings should be increased. The minimum amount of villagers which is required are about 60 villagers. If you are playing from the beginning age the collection of food is the main work which should be given to the villagers, After entering into the feudal age the villagers should be given works of gold and stone mining. The villagers are the main reasons for the victory of a player. A player which arranges the villagers perfectly to there certain works in Age Of Empire will have 45% of chance of winning. Some kingdoms like Chinese does have advantages over the villagers.

Collecting The Resources:

The collection of the resources is the major part of the Age Of Empires. The player who collects major resources has 50% chance of winning in the game. The collection of wood, food, gold and stone should be perfectly collected by villagers. The amount villagers which are using on the resources should be higher. The collection of the resources gold and stone are the most problematic one for every player. The maps like Black Forest, Arabia doesn’t contain a lots of resources like these but have major quantity of wood. While maps like gold rush contains most of gold and stone than wood. The farming is the only and best choice for collecting food in a major quantity.

Maintaining The Army And Defenses:

Maintaining the army and defense is one of the crucial part of the game. In the Age Of Empire maintaining the army is the part where game is decided.

Defenses: The constructions of walls, keep and bombard tower are the buildings which are used for defenses. You may even keep your army in defense mod and protect your kingdom. Constructing a wall around your kingdom helps you in protecting your kingdom and also your resources. The best part of the defenses are the keep and bombard tower.

Army: The army plays the major part in victory and development of kingdom in the game. Creating of the powerful units helps you in defending your kingdom and also attacking your opponent. Some of the army units may cost higher resource but the attack and armor power of the units will be higher than the other units. The maintenance of the army units will be the major part of the game. Creation of the perfect units for attacking is the best way of developing your kingdom.

Advancing To The Ages And Technology:

The advancing of ages requires of the buildings and the resources of the previous ages. By advancing to the further ages you can develop your kingdom and attack the opponents. The construction of the Blacksmith and university gives your army advanced weapons and also gives upgrades for your defenses. There are lots of upgrades of technology in the castle, university, blacksmith and many more. By upgrading the features of the building, army and the villagers the collection of the resources and developing the kingdom will become easy.

These are the tips for developing in the Age Of Empires game. These tips will help any player for becoming a pro player in the Age Of Empire. Keep visiting the website for more updates, tips and many more.

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