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How To Create A Free Website Within 30 Minutes

Create a website in 30 minutes

With the digital revolution that took place in the recent years, it has become a basic necessity to have a website if you own a business irrespective of the scale (small scale business or large scale business). Now if you are looking to create a website for small scale businesses it is wise to create a free website. There are many website builders available online to build a website. You don’t need to have high end coding skills or design skills. All you have to do is choose a template of your own accord and edit it.

This article discusses how to create free basic website and premium websites for large scale businesses.

To create a free website all you have to do is, select a website builder from the below, get a domain name and pay for server hosting (premium), if you have the knowledge and server computers with you, you can host the website on your own but it requires prerequisite knowledge of networks. Server hosting does not cost much. Free hosting is also given in few builders but it limits the data that can be uploaded. There are limitations for free website. Few of them are: you get a domain associated to your name and not the exact name you wanted, page limitations and storage limitations, in some cases they display few of their ads on your website.

Ways to get free domains:

  • Get a .tk domain the domain from this website is free there is free renewal every year. but there is no guarantee that it will stay the same every year.
  • Or get a sub domain of a website builder
  • Get a domain unlike website you don’t need renewal for this website. It is absolutely free for the time being.

It is advisable to chose a website builder and get hosted.

Platforms (website builders) to get a free website:

Wix: wix is the world leading platform in this area. It hosts over a million websites. It is famously known for wide varieties of mobile templates. wix templates are updated regularly i.e it adapts to the latest trends and fashion. You can use almost all features of the website builders for free unlike other platforms where they provide limited features. One can choose it as their best choice that is why it is listed in top in this article.

Ukit: ukit is famously known for creating websites for business. It is suitable for small to medium scale businesses. It has good seo optimization, enhanced web security, rich business specific widgets. It has 14 day trial period in which you can check all the tools in it. Then you can upgrade to the premium version if you desire.

WordPress:  wordpress is one of the renowned content management systems. It was a blogging platform at the beginning. Now it is one of the most used website builder platforms. It is not advisable for novices to use this platform. But it boasts 100 percent customization it is the reason why lot of people choose it. WordPress platform is best suitable for people who know basic web designing or people who have some experience in website creation. You can build a completely free website using wordpress however you have to pay for the domain and hosting.





It is advised to choose wordpress among the above.

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