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How To Built Career with Blogging and Digital Marketing

Blogging career and Digital Marketing world

Patience, Confidence, Consistency are the main important rules you need to follow to built blogging career. It seems easy to start a blog but it requires a lot of hard work to make passive income from the blog. Blogging subject is deep and it requires smart work. In the present world the world of blogging has changed with many features. Huge competitors are coming into the market in this digitalized world. In the article I am going to provide some of the best tips to start your blogging career.

How to start blogging career?

The very first thing you need is a blog. A blog is a platform where you can share your content. You can post whatever you wanted to post. There are different of platforms to start a blog.

Example:, and so on.

You need to choose the best platform to start a blog. I prefer to go with paid wordpress version. If you are in India it would cost you only 1500 Rupees (25$) per year for a normal blog.

You don’t need to be a great programmer to start a blog. These platforms help you to built a blog very easily.

How to start Digital Marketing career?

There are plenty of similarities between Blogging and Digital Marketing. The word marketing actually means to showcase or advertise something to the audience. Digital Marketing is the same thing just like advertising a product through digital world.

You are considered as a digital marketer whenever you advertise a product of a client through digital world. Blogging is a bit different. Blogging acts as a magazine or a daily news paper.

Will Blogging and Digital Marketing help me to make 10000$ in a month?

Whenever we calculate the estimated earning of a platform. You need to calculate a broad map of customers, audience and certain revenue generated from them.

In my view, Blogging and Digital Marketing is the best platform to make a great income. If you are really talented enough, You can make more than 10000$ dollars per month.

There are bloggers who make more than 10000$ in a month. You will learn a lot by entering into the blogging world.

These platforms are further divided into few types like SEO, SMO, Affiliate network, Adwords and so on. Each category helps you in a different way.

Will I Get A Job in Digital Marketing Platform?

There are plenty of jobs available in Digital Marketing platform. Most of the colleges doesn’t teach digital marketing. Hence making it low competition for the jobs.

The companies are looking for best Digital Marketers to promote there products in Digital world. A digital marketer can make money sitting in the home. So most of the digital marketers doesn’t look for a job and they start building there long term career with blog or website.

If you learn the subject perfectly then getting a job in Digital Marketing platform will be the most easiest task.

How to learn more about Blogging and Digital Marketing?

I suggest you to get start first. Once you enter into the platform then you will get plenty of doubts while working. These doubts let you to search more about Digital marketing. This helps you in learning through Internet.

There are tech blogs which helps you to learn more about Blogging and Digital Marketing. Even our blog writes good content about Tech topics. You can get to know more about them by visiting our blog regularly.

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