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How much high can we build

Giza pyramids were tallest thing human’s had ever build until 1300’s,well later we build many highest building/towers than pyramids

What is a building ?

Building is construction in which at least 50% of its height comes from floor plates where people can live,work etc .Anything less than that it’s not a building ,its a tower

The next long-term record holder after pyramids was the Eiffel Tower,It was the tallest thing ever built in history (984 Foot)

After some years Empire state building in New York defeated the height of Eiffle Tower (1046 foot) (319 meters). Empire state building is first structure ever built by man. That was so tall , were a man can jump off the top of it and he would actually reach terminal velocity before you reach bottom . That means you could reach the max possible velocity possible.



In the 1950’s human started to build radio and TV towers .These things could be taller than the building that we made previously .Empire state building had its record broken by a TV tower ( Build in 1954) The KWTV mast .

Then following the records of tallest buildings

The Petronas Towers (1998-2004)
Tapei 101 (2004-2010)
World Trade Center (1971-1973)
The Willis Tower (1973-1998)

None of these would justify the word the tallest ever built , There is always a radio or TV tower somewhere that was taller.

The record by humans ever build was Warsaw radio mast in Poland (646.98 meters) (2,120.67 Foot) well this was until 1991 because due to some workers mistake the tower collapsed

After Warsaw radio collapsed, The KVLY-TV in mast in North Dakota became the tallest standing structure build by man, However Recently building have made a comeback

The current record of humans that have ever build is Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The height of this building is (828 meters ) , This could shock you right.

Ok lets see how high we can build. Is it up to the height of Mount Everest ..?

We can be build very, very taller. Like ,into space taller . A bit hard to believe right but it is true we can build into space . Of course, the problem with building things that are really tall is that they get heavier and heavier and have to support their own weight.

If the structure was so tall that it would up at the altitude of geostationary orbit .I would start to feel a new force not just a gravitational force downward, All of the sudden this new, centrifugal force up and outward .And so , a building that could be stable through tension. And more than 35,000 Km high .

This kind of structure is known as Space Elevator.There aren’t any materials known to science today that are strong enough to make something build that large feasible.

You might get a doubt why build a space elevator?

Right now , in order to send a pound of material into orbit, it costs about 11,000 dollars. But with a space elevator we could send the same amount of material into the orbit for only about 100 bucks.And the most important and good news is that the first country to deploy a space elevator will have a 95% cost advantage and will possibly able to control all space related activities.

If you have any doubts, tell us we will try to clarify you .

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