This is What Happens When You Put A Garlic in Ear

What Happens When You Put A Garlic in Ear

Garlic is one of the most used ingredient in Indian food items. Garlic isn’t only used for taste, It also possess plenty of health benefits.

What Happens When You Put A Garlic in Ear

Garlic is a great medicine for hair fall

Garlic oil treats the hair fall very well. Rub the garlic oil in your scalp and see the amazing result.

Small Amount of Garlic in a tea treats cold and cough

Most of the people would like have garlic tea instead of the normal once. Two slices of garlic in a tea is enough to make a garlic tea. It treats cold and cough immediately.

Skin rashes can be cured with Garlic

Applying drop of garlic oil on the rash and massaging the portion can help to cure the rashes in very few less time.

Ear pain can be cured with a piece of Garlic

Ear pain causes huge amount of trouble. A applying a piece of garlic to the ear for one night will help you to heal ear pain.

Diabetes can be cured with Garlic

Garlic helps in the production of insulin. It helps maintain BP and glucose levels. A diabetic should take garlic in his daily life to maintain his health in a better way.

Garlic helps to maintain blood pressure

Eating small amount of garlic everyday will help to maintain blood pressure normally.

Joint pains can be healed with Garlic

Massage with Garlic oil in the painful place. The pain at the join gets healed after a mean time. Pain disorders (osteoporosis, arthritis) can be cured with Garlic oil.

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