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What is Going To Happen After Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is getting hiked up from the beginning. The power levels of Dragon ball series had completely increased up to the level of gods. The hot trending topic in anime series is tournament of power and Everyone wants to know what will happen after the tournament of power.

What is Going To Happen After Tournament of Power

I am writing this article after the release of 108 Episode of DBS and its shown on the preview that Goku is going to start his battle with Jiren on 109 Episode. The power level of the Jiren is so high that it might be equal to the god of destruction.

What is Going To Happen After Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super

Well! There aren’t any sources proving Jiren is equal powered as god of destruction. One thing is sure that he is powerful than Toppo and Toppo is going to be next of destruction. According to this Jiren is more powerful than the god destruction of Universe 11. Even though Jiren is so powerful, He doesn’t have any interest in becoming god of destruction.


There are two invisible warriors from universe 2. The power of these two invisible warriors haven’t shown till now. Even the ki of these warriors can’t be sensed, So it is much hard for the fighters of tournament to detect them.

What is Going To Happen After Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super

Who is going to win in the Tournament of power

We have seen dragon ball GT which is the future of Dragon ball series released before Dragon ball super. In Dragon Ball GT we see all the Z fighters still alive. According to this point we can say that Universe 7 win be the winner of Tournament of power.

One more important point to be considered here is Zeno Sama is enjoying the battle in tournament of power. Even though his behavior seemed to be childish, he will know the meaning of erasure. According to my analysis, Great priest wants everyone to participate in the tournament of power with maximum powers. So great priest created the plan in the name of erasure. With this reason everyone from each universe with participate with their full strength.

The winner of the tournament of power will get Super dragon balls and the winner can wish back all the universes which were erased by Zeno Sama.

The final point is Angels are happy because they were saved form the erasure. You may have a look at the episode where Universe 9 got erased first. The Angel of universe 9 smiled after the erasure. It is shown that Angel of universe 9 don’t like universe 9’s God of destruction but according to my theory the Angel might already knowing about this and Zeno Sama might have hided the complete universe. These erased universe may brought back to same place after completing the tournament of Power.

Verdict : What is Going To Happen After Tournament of Power

First Version : Zeno Sama may bring back the universes which were hidden in the name of erasure and the winner of tournament is given Super Dragon Balls for a wish.

What is Going To Happen After Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super

Second Version : Universe 7 wins the tournament of power by staying more number of people in the tournament floor than any other universe and Goku gets a chance to wish.

Third Version : The universes which were erased will be reincarnated in the name of Balance and the saved Universe will stay forever.

Fourth Version : Before completing the tournament of power, The future Zeno Sama may turn into evil.

Fifth Version : A new character may be introduced who is powerful than Zeno Sama.


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