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“God is like Terrorist”-Ram Gopal Varma


Ram Gopal Varma declared in twitter that God was the real Terrorist.He was the main reason for all these sufferings.Also He advices everyone who prays God to get some intelligent and Believe in themselves than wasting time by Praying God.





Chennai was being suffering with heavy rains and streets are being drained in mud water.Everyone have a clear idea about these things.Ram Gopal varms who was trated as Best troller in Indian film has reacted and responded over this via twitter.He also scolded celebraties and people of tamil nadu who still beleive in God.


He says that everyone on this earth knows that God is responsible for every single change in Nature.In the same way he was responsible for so called floods in chennai.God was responsible for heavy rains and why this foolish people still pray for God to stop this.God was the real terrorist.He suffers people and treats their life as a play.He was no longer to be prayed Varma says.So he finally concludes people to beleive in their hard work instead of wasting time by praying God.

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