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Ghost caught on Camera moving with Child

Ghost caught on Camera moving with Child . A new incident took place in an Indian village. A girl while moving from her home to friends home. Uncle of the girl is capturing the video and they got something different with the video and they check it in the computer. They even got confused and after sometime they checked it in slow motion.

Then they got to know that something is moving behind her. What is the thing that moving behind her. The image which shown in video shocked all of their relatives. Because a person moving behind her is dead. They finally got to know that the ghost moving behind the girl.

Source : Ghost World TV

2 thoughts on “Ghost caught on Camera moving with Child

  1. A Ghost or a spirit as we call it, is a formless deformed metabolism which neither has mass nor shape nor volume. In this video it clearly shows a man walking by wearing a half sleeve shirt. Please look closely and you will understand what I mean to say. If ghosts are formless how come this ghost is wearing a checkered half sleeve shirt. That means 22nd century ghosts are much more smarter fashionable and decent than our ancestral ghosts?

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