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Getting 4th Builder very easily – Clash Of Clans

We will get a builder at the beginning of the game with 500 gems. The game will suggest us to buy another builder in the beginning of the game. All will buy it for sure and the third builder is gained after some stages in the game usually we will get it in the 5th or 6th level Town hall as we reach 500 gems there. Getting 4th Builder very easily – Clash Of Clans .

4th builder costs us 1000 gems which is huge one. But there are some ways to get the builder very easily.




Ways to get 4th builder easily in Clash of Clans.

After having 3 builders we may not have left any gems. But we will gain around 2 to 5 gems daily with the trees in our village and also we will gain gem boxes.

The easy way to get the 4th builder is by completing tasks. Tasks we should complete to get 4th builder.

First the main thing is to reach crystal league which gains us 250 gems which is a huge amount. When we reach 250 gems we will have more options there like collecting dark elixir which gains us some gems in task bars.

Attack and win as much as possible. Don’t leave the builder huts to. There is a task given to destroy builder hut which gains you gems in the task bar.

There were many tasks given in the games which gains us gems.

There were more tasks like participating in clans. Winning stars in Goblin maps.

The best ways to gain the 4Th builder easily are: Reach Crystal League , Follow simple task in the game.


Be Active Rock Always. All The Best. Enjoy The Game.

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