Gautam Gambhir Says India Should Ban The Pakistan People From All The Industrial Units

Gautam Gambhir statement on Pakistanis

Gautam Gambhir Says India Should Ban The Pakistan People From All The Industrial Units. The top rated Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir has stated that India should ban all the industries units and transportation of goods of Pakistan from India until the relation between these two countries builds up. In the view of the Gautam Gambhir conditional boycott is completely less for building up the relation of India and Pakistan. The Gautam Gambhir statement has given a sudden shock to the fans of Gautam Gambhir and also most of the people who don’t know about this statement of Gautam Gambhir should definitely know about it.

The Ban of Pakistanis in India

According to Gautam Gambhir the Pakistanis industries units who are working in India should be banned from the India industries. Gautam Gambhir is trying to express the rising of the ceasefire violations. The terrorists of Pakistan are being a huge threat for the Indian people and army. All the people are being violated and being massacre by the terrorists of Pakistan so the Gautam Gambhir has stated stop the working units of Pakistan for a certain Period of time until the government of Pakistan give a response on the violations of the people of India. Even though Gautam Gambhir is a cricketer he thought as politician. The people of India will be more peaceful and safer by the ceasefire between India and Pakistan. The Gautam Gambhir is not the only one who supported this statement but also many people are supporting the Gautam Gambhir on this case. According to the Gautam Gabhim the complete Pakistan people who are working in Indian industries should been banned for a some time until the relationship of Pakistan and India built up and maintain a ceasefire in the borders. However this is just a statement made by an Indian cricketer if the politicians thinks perfectly about this statement they can implement with some corrections.

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Gautam Gambhir Says India Should Ban The Pakistan People From All The Industrial Units

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