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Funny accidents that happened in Kerala

Kerala is one of the best place in India. Most of Indians like to visit Kerala to see its awesome atmosphere and locations. Kerala is also known as the land of coconuts. Thousand and lakhs of coconut trees can be scene in Kerala. Mostly much percent of coconuts in India are distributed by Kerala state. This is one of the best place where we can even have fun. Funny incidents in India 2015 . Funny accidents in India . Then and Now funny but true . Bike stunts, Public performance and much more to know about the entertainment in Kerala. Most of the Youngsters would love to visit that place. City of kerala Cochin is also an awesome place. They have a beach and many other facilities in their city. Mostly good and hot water is served in hotels. Coconut will be available for bit cheaper compared to other states. There are much more interesting things in Kerala.

Funny accidents that happened in Kerala

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