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Frustration of students in project in B.Tech

Engineering students are very familiar with labs, records and assignments. They enjoy their life apart of these works. They can’t find a single minute boring or frustrating during those time. But the main reason of their frustration in final year is PROJECT WORK.

Frustration of students in project in B.Tech:

Although many of them find their projects interesting but the main problem arises when they gets divided into batches for their projects. Some may find their team boring, some interesting. It is the role of team leader to make his/her team interesting, but this may not happen every time. So it becomes hard for some people to adjust. The main problem and forth most important thing is, which project will be better? Many get confused in selecting between software and hardware. This may bring the team mates closer but they may get irritated while filtering single project from thousands of projects. Sometimes, project gets finalized but the theory, source code and result becomes problematic. It may push single member into risk, as he/she will prepare the documentation. The documentation is a very big task as it includes each and every point of the project starting from title to references. Although we have all the matter regarding the project but aligning them is another head ache.




So, it should be a team work rather than solo work. When it comes to source code, writing a code for our project is a difficult task though it looks simple. Although we write it perfectly, errors occur while execution. So, care must be taken while writing a code. This is also a team work and faculty support is also needed. The experimental results play crucial role as they are basis for our executed project. For example, if we consider a image processing project, it is important to select the images and bring out the results by applying the respective algorithms. Selection of images depends on our project. Apart from all these, the external viva is the typical one.

Although we execute the project on our own, the questions posed by them will be confusing and throws us into dilemma. So, we have to consider every single step from selecting a project to executing in order to avoid this dilemma. Although it seems simple but the pressure on a student brain will be very high. The respective faculty can announce about any seminar regarding their project at any time. So, they may face problems in preparing slides and presenting them. If any team member miss a single point or can’t answer any question then they are asked to give the presentation again. In spite of all these frustrating moments, a perfect team will enjoy the result of their hard work. So, team work plays a vital role during project work. So friends, be united always. It will definitely gives better results, it may be project or an other thing.

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