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Financial Problems for Pawan Kalyan


Pawan Kalyan was in Financial problems.This news really shocked everyone including the readers of this article.But this news is very much true. Pawan Kalyan has no money with him right now and he was in deep Financial problems.This news was confirmed after Ram Gopal Varma tweeted saying that Power star has donated 2 crore rupees for CM relief fund for Chennai Flood Victims.

Pawan Fans who witnessed this tweet thought that the news was real and made that tweet all through out the social media.But the fact was that Pawan Kalyan has not announced anything regarding his donation of money for Chennai flood victims. It was just a game played by Ram Gopal Varma to troll Pawan kalyan Fans. After that tweet fans of Kalyan waited for official announcement which actually didn’t took place. Then the facts have faced the public about Pawan Kalyan.

Facts were that Kalyan has no money with him at this time.That is the reason he didn’t announced any type of financial help for Chennai Flood victims.


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